interface 상속받은 클래스에서 Static 사용하기

인터패이스에 정외 되었고 public interface IDBCon { int QueryExecute(string strQuery); }   public class DatabaseMssql: IDBCon { public static int QueryExecute(string strQuery) { } } 와 같이 사용하면 “Severity Description Project File Line Suppression StateSeverity Description Project File Line Suppression StateError ‘DatabaseMssql’ does not implement interface member ‘IDBCon.QueryExecute(string)’. ‘DatabaseMssql.QueryExecute(string)’ cannot implement an interface member because

C# Access DB 사용

Access 2000-2003 데이타베이스 연결 Access 2000, Access 2002, Access 2003 에서 사용된 .mdb 파일을 사용할 경우 Microsoft Jet OLE DB 4.0 provider를 사용한다. 만약 Admin의 암호를 특별히 설정하지 않았다면, Connection String에서 [User Id=admin;Password=;] 부분을 생략할 수 있다. string connStr = “Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=C: est.mdb;User Id=admin;Password=;” OleDbConnection conn = new OleDbConnection(connStr); conn.Open(); Access 2007 이상에서 데이타베이스 연결

Building a simple C++ script compiler from Scintilla and CINT

Personal_C___Compiler_src Introduction I ran across two Open Source projects recently. CINT, a C/C++ script engine, and Scintilla, a multi-language editor with syntax highlighting among other features. So the possibilities here are obvious. A simple application that would allow the rapid entry, execution, and debugging of C/C++ scripts. What a handy tool for a developer such

C# Scripts using DynamicMethod

C#으로 Script를 구동하도록 만들어진 훌륭한 소스다 향후 유용하게 사용될 수 있겠다. Introduction CSSDemo I had the problem to host active content in my document files, which included small scripts for animations and object specific interactions, like JavaScripts in HTML. C# offers the great possibility to compile your own assemblies at runtime. However, there is no

ContainerListView and TreeListView: Writing VS.NET design-surface compatible controls

참조 Download source files – 32 Kb Download demo project – 31.6 Kb (updated 1/14/2003) Download release libs – 52.5 Kb ExtendedListViews_exe ExtendedListViews_lib extendedlistviews_src Introduction In today’s world, I’ve found that it becomes increasingly more complicated to render data in a meaningful and compact way. I’ve also found that the variety of controls, particularly ones